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Dear Casino lol
I'm writing this entry about the peice of shit casino....

Ok first and foremost..I live in a very small town in Arizona called Prescott Valley, in Prescott we have two casinos, Bucky's and Yavapai (YAV-AH-PIE lol). On a daily damn basis my dad, boyfriend and I have been going to the casino. Well, last night my boyfriend won the "Hot Seats drawing," it's where the person working at the gold rush club, calls a random winner that the computer picks, the winner must be playing with their cards in the machine, and bam! Well he won $171 in free play "promo," we usually play keno but we decided to try something else with the promo, first machine we picked I won $57, then we move to our favorite machine, (one that I won 12 thousand on MILK day lol) well this machine loves me for some reason every time I play it I cash out something, I cashed out $180. Woo...then we played keno until it was time to go home. Today! STUPID FUCKING CASINO! HAhaha..We played keno and didn't hit jack shit! My boyfriend and I got into a little arguement and I decided I'm going to take a fucking break from going to the casino every day. It seems like it causes my boyfriend and I to fight a lot more since we've been going a lot lately and I really dont want to fight with him. 

Enough about renting about the damn casino..


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